Why LaunchBR

The Case for LaunchBR

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber estimates that 98% of business in the Capital Region are small business (less than $1,000,000 net worth and owned by people with net worths of less than $400,000). As Baton Rouge grows and becomes a city that is increasingly focused on the economic development of all its residents, small business development has emerged as a critical component of the our economic viability.The Baton Rouge Area Chamber states in their 2016 report that nearly 70% of the local workforce was employed by small businesses, a 6% increase from 2010. This upward trend was expected to continue, especially given the increase in both minority- and locally- owned businesses. Small businesses, especially those that are locally owned, create job opportunities and drive economic growth in smaller geographic locations making them a key component of economic development and job growth.

Less access to start- up capital due to lower wages and banking discrimination
Gaps in knowledge of the business development ecosystem
Historical lock- out of the bidding and bonding process

As well as specific
needs for minority- owned
businesses such as

Increasing capacity and building infrasrucure

Balancing the bottom line with doing community good
Developing general business acumen

Small business development is only one part of the equation. Learn about our work with larger businesses to diversify procurement and increase inclusive competitiveness!