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repare to Get Horticulture Licensed

This course provides technical assistance to water management and green space professionals who are interested in obtaining their Louisiana Horticulture License. The cohort will be 3 weeks and train on the steps to become a licensed, competitive horticulturist. Many SEBD clients are unaware of the steps to obtain licensure. Several interested parties have contacted LaunchBR to get assistance with the application and finding exam manuals. These impediments are addressed in this course.

Only 10 applicants will be admitted.

This course is $75, which includes the manual.

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arketing Training for Green Businesses

This course teaches landscaping, horticulture, and earthwork professionals how to create a diversified seasonal marketing plan that can earn new business year-round. Participants will learn time-tested tactics to spread the word about their businesses and develop a personalized marketing plan.

10 applicants will  be admitted.

This is a 6-9p class. This course is $30.

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aunchBR Green Technology Business Academy

This training takes a cohort through a LaunchBR 14 week curriculum. This course provides technical assistance to water management and green professionals who are interested scaling their businesses using green infrastructure technology. Each business also receives a traditional entrepreneurship education using the internationally recognized Co. Starters curriculum.

Topics include:

Green infrastructure business opportunities
How to market your expanded services
Business planning
Business finances and legal structure
Project management
Intro to costing and bidding on contracts
The course is a year-long, which includes 14 weeks of instruction, a practicum experience, free business coaching, and possible pitch competition. This is a 6:00p-9:00p class. The cost is $150.

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October 1, 2020