About Us

LaunchBR is a strategy of MetroMorphosis

LaunchBR is a strategy of MetroMorphosis that is focused on expanding business ownership and ultimate business success within underrepresented populations and under-invested communities by providing them with access to training, coaching, mentoring and contracting support. 

LaunchBR uses multiple strategies to accomplish this:

Comprehensive entrepreneurial education
Connections to working capital
Stand alone courses in targeted fields
Connections to mentors and coaches
Referrals to other resource providers
Connections to larger contracts
Opportunity to compete to win start up capital

The LaunchBR program focuses on companies that commit to hire from and/or perform services in North Baton Rouge, desire to build capacity, and are considered small and emerging because the business has less than $1M net worth or at least 51% ownership by persons with individual net worths of less than $400,000.

About MetroMorphosis

MetroMorphosis is a Baton Rouge- based non profit organization whose mission is to transform urban communties from within. The essence of our work is helping people and organizations transform their communities into thriving and vibrant places to live, work, and experience success.

Our theory of change is simple: if we can engage, develop, educate, and mobilize a critical mass of citizens then sustainable solutions to society’s most persistent challenges will, not only emerge, but be owned by those most impacted by the challenges.

Currently, we have 3 other strategies to help people and organizations transform their communities.


Our Schools…Our Excellence is a community- led movement to help parents and school personnel in underperforming schools increase family and community engagement practices that lead to positive student outcomes. By educating both families and community members on the tenets of and equipping parents to work alongside school personnel to advocate for excellent schools, we can increase education and life outcomes for the children who attend those schools.
Urban Leadership Development Initiative is a year-long fellowship that helps both existing and emerging leaders learn the practice of adaptive leadership in order to identify opportunities and develop innovative solutions to foster positive, long- term change in urban communities. By educating fellows on the context of urban communities and equipping them with a style of leadership that is community focused and designed to help leaders tackle tough challenges and thrive, we can increase the number of young citizens working for lasting change though more effective civic engagement.
Urban Congress on African- American Males is a coalition purposed to help people and organizations leverage our city’s assets to transform the under-performing systems impacting African-American males into high-performing pathways to success. By beginning with an asset- based view and building upon what is already there, individuals and organizational representatives build stronger collaborations that lead to a more coordinated service delivery approach and develop action items that address systematic barriers to the success of Black boys and men in Baton Rouge.