Expanding Business Ownership and Business Success through Business Development, Contract Support, and Managing Deal Flow.


Our Approach

Business Recruitment and Development

We actively recruit small and emerging businesses, assess their strengths, needs and gaps and develop a customized support and coaching plan to help the business acquire what it needs to excel. Businesses gain access to coaching, training, technical assistance and information on upcoming bid opportunities.

Supplier Diversity and Inclusive Competitiveness

We build relationships with large purchasers of goods and services to understand their business needs and spending goals. Through the Baton Rouge Procurement Opportunity Partnership (BR POP), we help businesses to diversity their supply chain while strengthening the community and the economy.

Contract Cultivation and Deal Flow Facilitation

We vet small and emerging businesses to identify their assets and verify their credentials so that when we connect them to large purchasers and capital lending institutions, everyone is assured that it is a good fit.

We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Businessess & Contractors


We Build Lasting Relationships
Between Businessess & Contractors


LaunchBR relies on strong partnerships. We’ve partnered with several local businesses to develop a ecosystem that can support the growth of successful small businesses in the community.

Our partners include:

What our Clients Says


“The power of Patch LA partnering with LaunchBR is that it gives us an opportunity to work on projects that otherwise we may not be able to have access to. It exposes communities and projects and stakeholders to green infrastructure and ways to use the landscape that otherwise they may not have been exposed to.”

– Patrick M.

“I’ve been able to do different landscaping projects which has increased my capacity financially which has allowed me to bring on another worker which puts me at a 3 man crew and… it just all ties back in to the community.”

- Dezmion B.